Francisco Franco is still dead;

however The Falange is alive and well prosecuting Judge Balthasar Garzon.

The orchestration of this prosecution is Manos Limpias which has been described as a right wing pseudo trade union.

As a commenter said on the radio this morning; it is interesting that the only prosecution into the Franco atrocities is that of the investigating judge.

It is also interesting and surely not coincidence that this is happening as theĀ  Gurtel investigation hots up.

Gurtel is the largest political corruption scandal since the restoration of democracy and deeply involucrates the PP the party of Manuel Fraga

( an admitted Franco admirer ); ex prime minister and now fingeredĀ  Jose Maria Aznar and; same party different scandal Jaume Matas

( who is so trusted that a judge requested Euro 3,000,000 bail).

It seems that some of the ghosts are still with us.

see Giles Tremlett author and journalist – Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and Its Silent Past

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