Obama’s War,

a lecture given in April by Tariq Ali where he talks about why the War in Afghanistan is unwinnable and can only lead to a bloody stalemate.

A four part video thanks to the LRB

An indepth lecture explaining the history of Russia in Afghanistan together with that of the good Taliban and the bad Taliban and the relationship with Pakistan, as well as the lessons which should have been learned in Vietnam.

Why does the Western war machine not only ignore both history and the facts but also opinions from persons who not only know the area and the people and speak its language ?

I had an interesting post on MetaFilter about this a few days back;  posting the most excellent William Dalrymple ‘s long article from the New Statesman: –  Why the Taliban is winning in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is only understandable by knowledge of Pakistan, and who better to explain than (and I quote from the dust jacket) : –

Grandaughter to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, executed 1979
Niece to Shahnawaz Bhutto, murdered 1985
Daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, assassinated 1996
Niece to Benazir Bhutto, assassinated 2007

Fatima Bhutto whose  recently published  Songs of Blood and Sword, a daughter’s memoir is a book I have long been awaiting and am now at last reading.  Ms Bhutto is a writer,  journalist and poet of whom I hope to hear more.

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