Eideteker on Limerence….
..like sticking your dick in an electrical socket. You know it’s bad for you, but it feels so good you can’t stop doing it. In the end, it becomes an end to itself.
Limerence could also be known as Amour Fou which was one of the core beliefs of the surrealists;  obsessional love, the kind of love that deranges the senses and tips those who feel it into a helpless vortex of appetite and feeling.
Limerence or Amour Fou is espoused by Sappho whose almost lost poetry is probably best presented by Anne Carson – If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho.
The Angels Within blog has more
Andr√© Breton’s 1937 novel Amour Fou was illustrated at his express request by Roberto Matta.
Mary Caws published a translation in 1988

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Popular culture has done us a great disservice in our understanding of romantic love. From a young age, we watch movies and read books that form the scripts of our adult relationships. But popular culture usually gets it wrong, often in the name of entertainment, and ends up confusing love with limerence.

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