My Passion for Genealogy

Really kicked off one day in Dominica about 15 years ago
It came about at the very good little museum in Roseau where there was a copy of the
Byres map of land ownership dated 1776 which surveyed after the french ceded the island to the British
in 1763 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

Land was sold off to raise funds for the Crown and among the names listed on the accompaniying index was one John Tarleton of Liverpool with a couple of plots, one known as Belfied, on what was named on the map as the Ouanery River, on the Atlantic seaboard.

I asked about a bit of detail and was referred to the Island historian who, as luck would have it, popped into the museum some 20 minutes later.
Lennox Honeychurch was kind, patient, erudite and charming and helped me understand the time period.
It was only later that I found out more about his life, but I purchased his books the next day as a small way to thank him and also to educate myself a bit more.

Later I was to find out that John Tarleton was a shipowner, merchant and slave trader and had also purchased land in St Georges, Grenada, and what became the Mount Pleasant Estate in Carriacou.


Dominica 1776

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