Be careful about what you wish for….

That the little Engerlanders have won has left me reeling. But why am I surprised? It is this narrow minded, xenophobic, racist arrogant superiority which encouraged me to leave in the first place. Having said that I am sure that not all the Brexiters are not vile xenophobic racists but those who have serious problems with the way the EU operates, but the electioneering was that of Fear.
I think I am most saddened for the young. ….the younger generation has lost the right to live and work in 27 other countries. We will never know the extent of the lost opportunities, friendships, marriages, and experiences we will be denied.
This video from a young woman who voted to remain sums up her fear and frustration and disgust (Lots of background noise) with great clarity. Her figure of over 75 was a little off. Here is the data.
The over 44´s scuppered the chances of their juniors. The spoilt, have it all baby boomer generation and their parents have decided to relegate Engerland to being a theme park on the North West corner of Europe fronted up by the aging Brenda and shortly to be suceeded by Big Ears.
I say England because Nicola Stugeon, first minister of Scotland has made it abundantly clear that the she will press to action the mandate given to her by the Scottish people who voted by a clear majority to stay with Europe.
So in one swoop the isolated and privileged Bullingdon Bullies together with the help of the British Fascist-lite and racist society have managed not only to implode the United Kingdom but severely shaken the pillars of a community which has ensured 70 years of peace in our times.
What is more frightening is that there is no plan and nature as has oft been said abhors a Vacuum. Dangerous times indeed.
Are we arriving at Weimar Britain? With the OUTS shouting their freedom messages backed up with lies and half truths when the reality is that they have in store isolation and the withdrawal from all international attachments so that they can pursue nationalistic and racist social and immigration policies.
The financial fallout is already Spectacular. Will the financial sector now leave the City of London
The area breakdown of IN vs OUT tells it´s own story.
De Spiegel summed it up thus: A relatively small, relatively unknown group of activists, gamblers and egocentrics managed to incite and drive a country out of Europe against the will of the prime minister and against the advice of economists, friends and allies around the world.
Yanis Varoufakis knows probably more about the sharp end of exits than most.
Leave won because too many British voters identified the EU with authoritarianism, irrationality and contempt for parliamentary democracy while too few believed those of us who claimed that another EU was possible.
whilest others think that as Brexit wins an illusion dies. The people of Britain are very ill served by their political leaders accross the spectrum.
Meanwhile the harsh reality. Wolfgang Schäuble has already stated that there will be no free market access for Britain or what remains of it. As might be expected Euroipe is not exactly happy.
As to the future who knows. There is no map. I can´t see the European leaders having anything to do with the Engineers of this disaster. Cameron is as good as gone and Osborne his lickspittle will soon follow, and I can´t see them playing nice with Boris so hopefully that ultimate shit will also be history together with his awful chum Mr Grove.
Unfortunately however much they wish to ignore him it is the chancer Nigel Farage leader of UKIP the fascist-lite party who is the only winner in this fiasco.
What marches to the same tune are a frightening coalition of the European hard right.
Weimar, dark days indeed, or are we just watching a very nasty episode of Diplomacy in action.

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