Brazil totters a step closer to the edge.


In an unprecidented act of interferance and intimidation General Eduardo Villas Bôas hinted at Military intervention if the ex President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, or known more commonly as Lula, was acquitted today by the Supreme Court.
This message was immediately parroted by William Bonner, anchorman for Globo TV.
Earlier yesterday, Army General Luiz Schroeder Lessa also made a widely circulated public statement, stating that if Lula was elected as president in October then there would be a military takeover of the country.
So South America reverts to form.

It is only 54 years, practically to the day that the last Military Coup happened in Brazil.

A responsible civilian government would have reprimanded the errant gereral immediately and sent him back to baracks indefinitely. However the usurper Temer and his clique are anything but responsible, being solely interested in their own welfare and staying out of jail.

Equally worrying was that General Villas Bôas’ tweet was immediately taken up and congratulaed by General Freitas, comandante militar do oeste; and General Pinto Sampaio.
The Military are getting restless and want a voice in Politics. (Courtesy of Google translate).
At the start of the Military intervention in Rio de Janeiro just over a month ago Temer announced that this could be a trial for other cities. Maybe he meant the whole country in which case he has done a deal to get a Keep out of Jail card.
Just under two years ago in May 2016 Romero Juca, close to Temer, who when forced to resign because of a leaked tape about closing down the Petrobras investigation said I am talking to the generals, the military commanders. They are fine with this, they say they will guarantee it.

Brazilian government is totally venal and corrupt, as shown by a list from last May which named all except the ring master.

In fact over 100 serving politicians were under investigation.
Rio de Janeiro alone has two ex governors in jail so that’s a start but there is a long way to go.
Meanwhile the country takes another step closer to the edge.

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