Football isn´t coming home. Not to this part of the world.

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The Brazilian Team and its world class diva are on the plane back to S. America and their disgruntled millions of fans who are now as acclimatized to being let down by their team as they are to being let down by their politicians.
Speaking of whom…
Whilest the country was in football fever the Brazilian congress completely beholden to the agro industries is poised to approve legislation to now use more agritoxic products that ever.
This is in a country which since 2008 has topped world pesticide use including those banned in other nations .

In Rio de Janeiro last week full time Bishop and part time mayor Crivela met in secret in the dark of night at the governor’s palace to promise his evangelical henchmen that they and their flocks could jump to the front of the queue for medical and dental treatment in the collapsing health system.

On a passing note The Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemned Brazil for its negligence in investigating, prosecuting, and punishing those guilty of torture and murder of journalist Vladimir Herzog in 1975, in the context of the country’s military dictatorship.
This of course was nearly completely ignored by local main stream media.

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