On 1 January Brazil will enter 1964 or somewhere very close.

Dies iræ, dies illa
Solvet sæclum in favilla,
Teste David cum Sibylla.

Day of wrath and doom impending.
David’s word with Sibyl’s blending,
Heaven and earth in ashes ending.

03 Nov. 2018 and it’s the end of the the first week of the Transition of the Bolsonazi regime.
Grim days indeed.
It’s as if all the lights have gone out and left a few candles flickering

What do we know so far?
Sergio Moro the driving judge behind Lava Jato has accepted a super ministry definined by himself.
The fact that he was judge who imprisoned Lula, who the polls had way ahead in any election, of course had absolutely nothing to do with this and we should not assume that it does.
Ha fucking ha.
I hope he starts cleaning the Augean stable which is Brazil’s political political set up from the top, and soon.

Meanwhile what’s up in Rio, this glorious but tarnished city with its evangelical mayor Crivella, nephew of the awful but powerful Edir Macedo, crook and leader of a huge Evangelical sect / scam and owner of a vast communication empire Rede Record which is fast becoming the Bolsonazi’s Fox news.
The Bolsonazi is a Rio Politician and three of his rather nasty sons are also elected politicians.
Second son Carlos, a Rio councillor whose hobby is knives was behind the huge WhatsApp disinformation | Fake News campaign which is still going strong.
Then fresh from São Paulo we have the evangelical Wilson Witzel, a relative unknown as governor.

The dynamics in Rio are polar opposites with the Bolsominos loathing the left, not just the corrupt PT but also PSOL which is formed of activist progressives who actually consider the good of the city for its six and a half million inhabitants and nearly 17 million state inhabitants.
Marielle Franco the assassinated city councellor was a member of PSOL and the majority of my friends are PSOL supporters.
The Bolsonazi in his winners speech broadcast on Facebook threatened :
“These red outlaws will be banished from our homeland. It will be a cleanup the likes of which has never been seen in Brazilian history,”.

Witzel and Flavio the eldest Bolsonazi son are shortly off to Israel to buy armed drones, as used against Palestinian resistance and innocents alike.
As well Witzel has announced that he wants the completely inefficient Military occupation to be continued until at least October 2019 and aided by his intention of bringing in snipers to sort out the bandits.
Stand by for heavy collateral damage.
From a 1999 Bolsonazi interview on Brazilian television.
“Elections won’t change anything in this country. It will only change on the day that we break out in civil war here and do the job that the military regime didn’t do: killing 30,000.
If some innocent people die, that’s fine. In every war, innocent people die.”

So if you are poor and probably black and living in a favela your changes of being blown to bits have just gone up exponentially,
especially if carrying an umbrella.

Economically the future looks confused.. what a surprise. There was an amazing lack of clarity or even ideas in his campaign.
Paulo Guedes, himself under investigation and who taught at the University of Chile during the Pinochet era is a Chicago School alumunus. He is known to be abrasive so that will be interesting.
Bolsonazi has already stated that Mercosur isn´t important, is picking a fight with China – Brazils largest trading partner and by stating the movement of the Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem has alienated the arab middle east countries to which Brazil exported USD $17 billion last year. Privatization is in the air so selected noses will be at the trough and this administration will benefit from a upsurge in oil production,
or at least from that part not sold off to foreign interests. (There are over 400 public companies).
Pension reform, which is overdue is also in the air but as usual will first effect the lower income populace most.

The Amazon seems fucked.
even without the merging of the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture. The indigineous people will suffer with Agribiz and Mining interests heavily on his side.

The ingrained conservatism is set to reverse the Country with the far right ready to roll.

By the end of next week the Ministerial occupants should be clearer. Like the Trump regime to the north, Bolsonazi will bombast and the men and women behind the curtain will wreck as much of civilization as they possible can, probably in God’s name.

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