Guess who is going to rule us now?   

Jair Messias Bolsonaro;  the Messiah for Evangelicals and Conservative Catholics.

It’s all been moving quite fast as usual but not in a totally coherent way. Such is Brazil.
The actual answer to who rules in January is actually an unknown as there is a lot of infighting going on already and Policy is only something a real government does.
Apart from turning back the clock to 1964 and enrichinging their friends at the benefit of everyone else; which they all seem to agree with; a Policy as a whole for Brazil, one of the world’s largest economies just doesn’t exist.

As The Intercept rightly points out, with some detail; Jair Bolsonaro Promised to End Corruption in Brazil — Then He Appointed an Extremely Corrupt Cabinet.

Back on 29 October The Independent announced that Fascism has arrived in Brazil – Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency will be worse than you think.

The incoming Bolsonazi government will be composed it seems of three factions with the Bolsonazi and his nasty offspring making a lot of distracting noise.
It will be fractious so some of those presently in power might not last long and include the outing of the Bolsonazi himself.

There is certainly plenty of opposing Ideology

Reinaldo Azevedo writing in Folha de S.Paulo (translated) describes the main thrust of government to be Police, Chicago and the Barracks

Judicary – Sergio Moro who could turn out to be the golpista extraordinaire 
the real test of his power will come if and when government figures stand accused of breaking the law, for corruption or human rights abuses

Finance – Paulo Guedes – who I wrote about earlier

The Barracks ( Presently 7 ) – 
VP – General Hamilton Mourao –
Defense – General Fernando Azevedo e Silva
Internal Security – General Augusto Heleno – was convicted in 2013 by Brazilian’s federal accountability office for authorizing illegal grant agreements for the 2011 Military Games.
Secretary of State – General Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz ex controversal UN commander in Haiti 
Science and Technology  – Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Marcos Pontes – operated a business whilest still serving in the Military.
Mines and Energy – Admiral Bento Costa Lima Leite
Infrastructure & Transport – Tarcisio Freitas – former Army captain

Then there are the Evangelicals who are completely lunatical together with Foreign Minister Ernesto Aruajo

Women’s Issues and Human Rights – Damares Alves – a prolife women belong in the kitchen pastor.
Education – Ricardo Velez Rodriguez   cuckoo ultraconservative philosopher. 

Foreign Minister – Ernesto Araujo who is more than slightly cuckoo and very evangelical.and anti globalist who believes climate change is a Marxist plot and calling it ‘dogma’ and bemoaning the ‘criminalisation’ of red meat, oil and heterosexual sex.

The rest: Chief of Staff – Onyx Lorenzoni who  confessed to using slush funds on his campaign, in November.

Minister of Citizenship – Osmar Terra – 

Agricultural Minister  – Tereza Cristina the poison muse and friend to big agriculture and pharmaceutical companies.

Environment – Ricardo de Aquino Salles

Of The Bolsonazi siblings Flavio is already fingered as having dirty hands
and then there is the question of all those apartments.
What will Mr Moro do then?
and Carlos, the social media manipulater tweeted that the death of his father was of interest to persons close by .    Roughly translated:
The death of Jair Bolsonaro concerns not only the declared enemies, but also those who are very close. Mainly after your tenure!
It is easy to map a transparent and willful person. I have always done my part exhaustively. Think and understand the whole storyline!

Can I really find myself cheering for the Military ?
Well not really but they seem halfway sane compared to what else has been let out of the cage.

The only answer is Resistência.

It has now been 269 days since Marielle Franco and her driver were assassinated and justice is no closer. The Bolsonazis are Rio de janeiro politicians. We can see where their interests lie.

Marielle Franco – siempre presente.

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