If this was a novel people would shake there heads and say nah..Not Really.
But this is beyond Magic Realism, this is Brazil.

The only reason I repeat the following is because it is already out there.
I have no idea any longer about what is fact, what is alternative fact, what is misundestood to be true and what is undeniably false.

Jair Bolsonariro has stomach cancer. The Bolsonazi stabbing was theatre serving to get him off the stage because of his incompetance in any public appearance.
He has recently undergone chemotherapy at the Einstein hospital.
Adelio his assailant has not been heard from, and as to who is paying the lawyers this is unknown.
So is there a plot to remove the leading candidate and boost his possibilities thus allowing the military to creep back into power? Many consider it only a matter of time before General Hamilton Mourãu assumes the Presidency as the present regime implodes with infighting and corruption charges.
Meanwhile the sons are clinging to the reins of power like shit to a shoe.
And a very nasty bunch they are.

I know some people read this so I thought I would try and look at a bit of background.

Brazil is complicated at the best of times and finding clear intelligent journalism even in Portuguese is difficult and to find intelligent, different fact filled reporting and analysis in English is a challenge.
Why is this important you may well ask.
Brazil with its vast agriculural and mineral resources is a major world economic player. In the political field not so much, but what happens in Brazil will have repercussions elsewhere.
Politically the country was / is a corrupt and sordid mess and clarity and transparency is not exactly a mainstay of government. In the 2017 rankings of Transparency International Brazil ranked 96 out of 180. Reaching its best level in 2012 just after the Lula years.
Reporters without Borders ranks Brazil 102nd out of 180 a country where 42 journalists have been murdered in the last 28 years and where 57 enviromental activists were killed in 2017.

Brazil is now entering dark days as the population, revolted by the blatent corruption of the Temer years, and virulent hatred of the left stoked by the USA and MSM has resulted in the Bolsonazi clown show which could well self implode before too long. The forest fire this will ignite will probably be extinguished by the military.
Hence dark days.
For those wanting more depth I suggest Perry Anderson in the LRB.
In order to try and find some clarity among english writing journalists I offer the following.
I am lucky in that I have to rise to no standards in my writing conforming only to my own rather low ones and conform to no editorial judgement and I and have no deadlines except those imposed by myself.
Apart from a few notable publications I find that in this day and age that it is often better to follow the writers rather than the outlets.
Unfortunately the best move on, so I am constantly looking for others who will fill the gap with some indepth reckoning and explanation.
This is especially so here as bureaus sent their best or most promising journalists to cover the country during World Cup and the Olympics and then moved them on. Twitter plays an important part. It is a fire hose of information both true and false, true and misleading or outright propaganda.
Some international publications are notorious for this although there is still interest in their content.
Firewalls are another problem not only for the fact that they bar me from their content but also that they then end up preaching to the converted.
Until such time as a micropayment system is introduced so that individuals can read what they want rather than read what the the publishers wish them to, I will be abstaining or waiting for outclips from others.

I have to be very careful about drawing simularities or parallels between Brazil and other nations because cultures are so different.
There are now 3 power lobbies in Brazil coaligned under the Bolsonazi.
The Military who have 7 ministries are hugely influential and have already exercised veto over American military bases on Brazilian soil.
It should be noted that the Bolsonazi idolizes the Trumpian mannikin.
There are over 49 high ranking military individuals in this government and in some areas the military can be effectively said to be in power.

The Evangelicals who are completely unhinged also pay a large part.
This has parallels with the USA and the rise of the Dominionist beliefs held by Pence and Pompeo.

We are almost 50 days into the new government which has been characterized by the President being mostly in hospital and his VP General Hamilton Morau though not officially in power frequently calling the shots to neutralize otherwise radical decisions.

Some ministerial scandals from a bunch that would make mediocrity shine:-
Damares Alves The Evangelical preacher and minister for Minister of Human Rights, Family and Women has had ridicule heaped upon her criticizing the Church for “letting the theory of evolution enter schools”
She has stated boys wear blue and girls wear pink and is obsessed with pedophiia stating that in Holland they masturbate babies 7 months old.
On top of this there is The Gay Kit and now the Macumba kit inventions
There is also a brewing scandal about an native Indian child she adopted., some say absconded where the paperwork is not in order.
Even more worrying is that She is also involved in impeding an investigation into torture.

Ricardo Sallas is minister for the Environment
He is accused of altering the management plan for a protected area in the Tietê River with the “clear intention of benefiting economic sectors”.
Sallas went to Amazonia for thr first time only last week.
Whilest there he declared Chico Mendes to be “unimportant”.
A reminder about Chico Mendez, assassinated environmental activist (twitter thread unroll)

Ernesto Araújo Foreign Minister had a father who was a former Attorney General and during his term actively avoided extraditing Gustav Franz Wagner, a Nazi officer responsible for 250,000 deaths between 1942 and 1943, and who was living in Brazil during the military dictatorship.

Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez, minister of Education and himself a Colombian,
has been reported to the Supreme court Brazilian tourists “Canibals” who steal from hotels and rob life saving equipment from aircraft

It is very strange then when I can only cheer for
VP General Hamilton Mourao who is referred to as being the only adult in the room as the Bolsonazi catches up with his cabinet.

But by far the most intriguing and dangerous scandal involves the oldest son Flavio and brings it all back to this complicated city Rio de Janeiro.
Flavio Bolsonaro is involved in a corrupt lickback scheme involving a family retainer and is also accused of employing the mother and daughter of a Milicia leader. There are many documented sympathies of the Bolsonazi clan with the militias in Rio.
The Militias executed an elected Parlimentarian, Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson 11 months ago and no one has yet been found responsible.
There is very obviously extreme obfuscation at high levels. In Rio de Janeiro the militia is not a parallel power. It is the State

The unspoken question is did the now President of Brazil have knowledge about this assassination.?
The hate towards PSOL – Marielle’s party from the Bolsonazi factions was never hidden. Marieele Franco was an outspoken, courageous, black , gay Politically elected woman from the Favelas who worked tirelessly to try and better the lives of those less fortunate in society.
Jean Wyllys, a gay congessman has fled Brazil in fear of his life following death threats towards him and his family. He was also a member of PSOL

This is not normal; but many fear that this is just the beginning

In Rio the police have been given approval of a shoot to kill policy by the Newly elected Bolsonazi supporting governor Wilson Witzel; as has been shown by the recent execution of 13 not entirely innocent youths in the Fallet/Fogueteiro favela in central Rio a week ago.
Summary justice with governeral approval is not good democracy
They were only no good poor people goes the thinking much the same as that of the arrogant Fábio Schvartsman, President of Vale, the owner and operator of the mine and tailings dam in Brumidinho that collapsed and where deaths now number 166.
He is the only person who remained seated during a minutes silent to the dead. What a complete arsehole.

It is in this tense atmosphere that the Brazilian film Marighella
premiered in Berlin yesterday with the producers worried about possible censorship in the movie being shown at home in Brazil.

Meanwhile let’s get real it’s Carnaval time again and Mangueira and their Samba honouring Marielle.

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