Authoritarianism / quase and outright fascism is sweeping the world.

There is the Trump disaster show in N. America. See what the fuck happened today
There are some highly unpleasant political actors in Europe.
There is egoistical clown show of Brexit and Britain
And here in Brazil we have a postmodern hyper-realistic shit show which is causing death and misery.
From Brazil the fallout is global because if the Amazon rainforest is destroyed we all go.
Today Dom Phillips in the Guardian reports on Amazon gold miners invading an indigenous village in Brazil after its leader is killed.
The related stories on that page are worth a read as well.
There is nothing accidental about this devastation that is happening; it is policy.
and Sam Cowrie reporting for Al-Jazeera has being doing some excellent work
Remember this horrific quote from the Bolsonazi:
It’s a shame that the Brazilian cavalry hasn’t been as efficient as the Americans, who exterminated the Indians.”

Trumpism with its heavy messonaic undertones is destroying what was good about America.
Brexit will let millionaires become billionaires, and deprive young people of the opportunity of living in Europe in a greature culture.
England, because Scotland and probaby N. Ireland will depart, will become a wasteland for the exploitation by the city of London as the country becomes more of a fiscal offshore paradise for the looters of other nations.

Brazil is becoming willingly isolationalist and very divided along political ideology with less and less common ground.
Agribiziness and Mining fill the coffers of the ruling cliques as long as any restraints are lifted.
Hence destruction of the Amazon is to the benefit of both interests.
Education for the masses is being eradicated thus ensuing a slave class for exploitation in the future.
New minister of education Abraham Weintraub, who has slashed budgets to Universities by 30% achieved a 0 in his overall school grades.
Weintraub is an economist and conspiracy theorist with no experiance of education administration.
The military, quite vocal pre elections and still with a heavy hand in government have recently been very quiet. This is un-nerving and we can only assume that they are in accordance with the ongoing shit show.
Bolsonaro like Trump lies incessantly and has a new inanity every day; the frighting bit being that they are often highly vicious.
He has nominated his not very intelçligent son as Ambassador to the USA, with zero diplomatic training; luckily he has no horse to my knowledge otherwise it would be given a ministry.
Which on second thoughts would probably be better than some of the present incumbents.
The aim of the Bolsonazi administration, Like Trump in the North , is to gut the ministries and turn everything into a profit centre.
Forget about safety nets. Forget about the poor.
This is an experiment in pure red and raw capitalism the like of which has not been seen in the modern age. In fact the far right yearns for a mythical Medieval age and Deus Veult.

Stupid Rules OK !
I mean really what is it with these authoritarian fascists that they loathe education?
Intellect is something to demean?
Science is wrong if it shows crazed belief is in error. What kind of populace wants to be run by such backward looking neanderthals?
The answer unfortunately is quite a few.
The masses in their ignorance listen to the demagogues and pastors and completely ignore what is good for themselves.
The thinking is that If I associate with the rich even if they are totally corrupt it will rub off on me – is it this thinking driving some of the worlds largest and some of the oldest “democracies” back to the middle ages, and the middle ages is definitely where a certain segment of Brazilian society wishes to be in their fantasy land.
The state is supposedly there to serve the people not enrich these miserable human beings who are ruled by bigotry, hate and greed and miss the legality of outright slavery.

Todays politics seems to be driven by hate and profit. A hatred of the poor, the non white, the not strictly gendered, any form of compassion.
The wealth gap in all these societies is greater than ever before and growing. Acute poverty is growing again in Brazil.
This is the country it is to be remembered where the new public enemy Number One Lula Ignacio da Silva, who was the spearhead for bringing 12 million out of poverty is still behind bars.
The prime mover of his conviction and sentence Justice now Minister Moro achieved this at the insistance of, and aid of the Americans.
Many suspect that Moro works directly with the CIA to further american business interests in Brazil.
He is now threatening Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept by publishing a Decree Authorizing Summary Deportation of “Dangerous” Foreigners.
The Intercept has lead the reporting on leaked messages which show Moro to have been anything but impartial in the conviction of Lula.
He has also been discovered to be protecting Bolsonaros milicia involved son.
Then just today Bolsonaro threatens to jail Greenwald for the crime of being a journalist

Yesterday 27 July would have been Marielle Franco’s 40th birthday. Instead it was 500 days since her unsolved execution.
Quem matar e quem mandou matar Marielle? Who killed Marielle is now probably known, who sent the killer is not, but the suspects are very close to power.

Marielle Franco is now bigger than Marielle Franco but Justice is still required.
Who sent the killers of Mariele is the cry on the streets. Brazil may have (fraudulently) elected a fascist, but we resist.
The cover up and obfuscation runs high in both the police forces and political organisations and at the back of everyones mind is the burning question
is the President of Brazil and / or his family directly or indirectly involved in the assassination of an elected black femaile gay politician who stood up vocally for the rights of minoroties

Meanwhile if you like or are interested in samba and have Spotify; here you are.
And here is a wonderful Twitter thread on Mangueira’s deconstruction of History and in Praise of Marielle and other black heroes.


         Marielle – Sempre Presente

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Another day, another disgrace by the Bolsonazis.
Keep on it. This is NOT normal!

FYI, I think you meant “messianic” to describe Trump, because that is precisely what’s going on here in the US. It’s terrifying and stupefying seeing the pretend-prudish evangelicals cozy up to this self-admitted sleaze-ball because he furthers their unholy agenda. PM me anytime.

DarfNader from the USA added these pithy words on Jul 29 19 at 04:47

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