The reality of self isolation is that you are never alone on your own.

17 – 29 March 2020 – Hippy House – Botafogo

2020.03.17 – Tues
Hot day / hot night
No one yet has data yet about this virus and heat which might slow it a bit.
This mornings figures show 301 infections nationwide with 40 in RJ state
Today is partial sadness as I collected the ashes of the dear little cat last night.
Tomorrow I will find the strength to dig them around the base of the tree in the garden
Memories…such good memories.
Meanwhile 15 of the Bolsonazi’s entourage have now proved positive.
Hopefully we are nearing the end of this sociopathic authoritarian in power.

2020.03.18 – Wed
RJ is in state of Emergency
The city is entering into semi lockdown with public transport stopped into and out of the rest of the state.
Witzel seems to have stepped up to the mark, we will see as days go on.
Sigh of Relief as Lela has home office at last.
The arrogance of the fucking French to have lockdown in their home country and refuse home office in their overseas office.
Brazil has not closed borders as yet but that is pretty irrelevant as all neighbours barring Venezuela and the Guianas have closed theirs.
The initial big challenge will be in the 2 major cities SP + RJ
On the home front S. is organising her condominio by phone and the ever important Açai and Banana vitimina arrives by delivery boy for the grand
charge of BR$2 which is now under US 50c
G. popped round for a visit and sat on the varanda for half an hour and scored a half bottle of pink champagne from the back of the fridge.
Good to have girls laughing together.

2020.03.19 – Thur
One week in.
National 529 cases Rio 63 cases. As expected the curve is rising sharply
Here is a quote from Lenin
There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen
The Good news is that China is coming out of the curve.
The not so good news is that the Bolsonazi’s idiot son has picked a big fight with China.
The China which is now helping other countries.
So now we know that the virus will kill a lot of people and we also know that the Bolsonazis will make it easier.
I wonder if there will ever be any sort of war crime tribunal for any of these global arseholes.
Last night there was a “Panelaço” in fact two; the first a spontaneous one when the Bolsonazi appeared on TV and the second as planned an hour later.
It. was. huge and went on on for about 15 minutes not only in all the major (and minor) bairros of RJ but across the nation.
The people want the idiot to go back to his village.
Then half an hour later there was a rather feeble banging for a couple of minutes by the supporters who were roundly shouted at.
S. went all Guerreira and took on one of the sheep in the nearby apartment block. A youngish guy whose only slogan was “Lula Ladrão”
or Lula Thief. So thisis the mentatily of the sheep or Gado as they are known (herd of cows~ mooooo). The country is becoming rapidly disfunctional
overtaken by an authoritarian, fascist ideology headed by a self-interested socio-psycopath and his criminal family as the worlds largest health disaster hurtles towards us like an asteroid.
And all the fuckwits can shout is “Lula Ladrão”. Talk about heads up arses.
I could rant for a long time but won’t.
On the ground things seem to be slowing down. But S, who goes out, tells me that there seems to be plenty of older people wandering around the supermarkets,
smaller shops seem more empty. Moradores de Rua, those who live on the street and are therefore most vulnerable to anything adverse are pleading with passers by for food.
I need something to eat” I dont want money …I want to eat. And this is just the beginning.
I fully expect local lockdowns and troops on the street within a couple of weeks. And it seems to make sense.
The authorities are talking about taking over cruise ships as isolation for centres for those from the communities who can’t self isolate because of lack of space.
That in itself has problems and I think they have grossly underestimated what is required
Its estimated that 1.5 million people live in favelas in the city so at an infection rate of 10% (ridiculously low ) that equals 150,000 people
An average cruise ship will hold 3,000 people. The sums don’t add up. Let alone the requirement for staff equipment etc and how to stop them becoming giant petri dishes.
Meanwhile the Evangelist lobby in Congress is demanding that that their temples are allowed to reopen again
All they want is their $$$$

There are no masks.
Get proactive
This pattern, when lined with a sandwiched layer of cotton flannel thin enough to breathe through, has been OK’d for use by French public hospitals for non-ER and non-coronavirus medical personnel. Do check that your public health authority also OK’d it and whether they have construction preferences (just two layers of cotton with a pocket for filters, or with that third sandwiched flannel layer). Cotton is best as it’s easily washed; other fabrics tend to be harder to breathe through and don’t filter as well (unless you have access to silk!).

2020.03.20 Friday
The end of a long week where an awful lot changed.
As of 0900 there were 647 infected in RJ state and 7 dead; with 69 in the city and 56 dead
I have been busy correlating info for Captains worldwide as updated posts on an AYSS page
The speed of lockdown has been pretty intense.
Tomorrow the city is supposed to stop. We will see.
I somehow doubt it. Delivery boys are going full tilt though. Our home logistics are changing. Corner bar closed so no more breakfast delivery.
Hortifruiti deliver and so does the supermarket though the girls are doing our big shopping which is very kind of them.
Brazil closed its borders today and restricted which nationals can arrive on international flights
No word about the number of ventilators available.
The political classes continue to repulse any normal human being
The Bolsonazi son who insulted the Chinese was roundly rebuked by them very publically.
Vice President General Hamiltom Marão appeared and delivered a zinger on twitter
“O Eduardo Bolsonaro é um deputado. Se o sobrenome dele fosse Eduardo Bananinha não era problema nenhum. Só por causa do sobrenome. Ele não representa o governo. Não é a opinião do governo. Ele tem algum cargo no governo?”
“Eduardo Bolsonaro is a congressman. If his surname was Eduardo Bananinha it would not be a problem. Just because of his surname. He does not represent the government. Isn’t it the government’s opinion. Does he have any government positions?”
Bananinha means little dick in the vernacular
Nice one General.

2020.03.29 Sunday
Has another week really flown by?
The world slowly shuts down – the politicians prevaricate.
At the end there must be a reckoning and retribution for those who sacrificed their people in favour of Mammon #CapitalismKills is no longer just an ideological slogan.
The destruction is plainly visible with its proponents stepping up to state their warped bile.
Most organized religion, mainstream or evangelical is adding to the deathpyre by insisting on their mass gatherings.
The story of South Korean “Patient 31” is a sobering reality.
Here in Brazil we are waiting for the Tempest.
The virus has just started to be noticed in the favelas, all of which suffer from overcrowding and many of which had no running water for over two weeks.
Social isolation thus becomes a privilege.
What applies to India applies here to Brazil and especially Rio with over 1.5 million people living in favelas.

So in the end I think that what frightens me most; and yes like all logical people I am frightened; anyway what frightens me possibly more than the virus
is the totally justifiable havoc that the populace may well wreck on the survivors.
The world order will, must, change but in which direction. It is very hard to forecast.
The cracks are just beginning to appear
Yesterday in Sicily after just under 3 weeks lock down Supermarkets were looted.

S. fetched her professionially scared kitty from the condominium. Zeus has been tormented for life by the Chico monster. Here he lives in his basket under the bed and appears occasionally. Bit by bit he is becoming less afraid. Then S used the vacuum cleaner this morning and he hid under the bathroom cupboard for 6 hours.
Any way his presence helps keep S happy which is very important. This is tougher for her than for me. She lived with her daughters, hugs and kisses were a norm and now its two meters and bum shaking. They are very Brave.
The long haul is looking longer. The Pit of the Abyss is deep and nearing.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay Strong.

Om Sarva Swarupe Sarveshe, Sarva Shakti Samanvite
Bhaye Bhyastraahi No Devi, Durge Devi Namostute

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