Folkmemory lives on.

Good Friday night in the Mallorquian Village of Sant Joan; mediaevalism meets today.

Viernes noche Sant Joan

Viernes noche Sant Joan

Last night we watched a simple Passion Play lasting about an hour performed in the perfect setting of the Santuari de la Mare de Déu de la Consolació; and performed by local villagers. Maybe it was because it was the open air or maybe it was because the protagonists were local Mediterranean people; probably both; but the simple rendering of a well known story was realistic and achieved with great success.

The message conveyed by this theatre was far more potent than any preaching by a gaffe – prone pope or an over eminenced bishop. Among the  “seven last words”  the onlookers were reminded that their roots were Phoenician, Roman, Jewish and Moorish; immigrants were necessary for the bloodlines of the island to continue; and that that instead of bailing out the rich that the government would do better caring for its citizens.

The lighting was hoisted on an elevator similar to those used to move furniture into apartments and the speakers for the voice over were placed on the patio walls. I only wish that the “victorian gothic” music had been substituted by the more plaintiff pipe and drum sounds of  an earlier epoch. I should also give mention to the angel which was winched across the patio to the “Garden of Gethsemene” and back.

My photo is from my  Nokia E61i telephone set on night mode. The location is the same featured here by Mallorca Daily Photo Blog.

Bravo Sant Joan i Gràcies.

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