In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue…

My Genovese friend and I were having a discussion about  Christopher Columbus aka Cristóbal Colón, aka Cristoforo Colombo;

The names Christopher Columbus (Latin), Cristoforo Colombo (Italian), Cristóbal Colón (Spanish), Cristóvão Colombo (Portuguese), all try to refer to the same person who set sail in 1492 to rediscover the Americas and claim them for the Europeans.

Who exactly was this man? Italian, Catalan, Portugese or a bit of them all. One researcher even claims he was Ibicencan; and Mallorca of course claims him as their own.

Wiki posits various theories; from the crazy to the acceptable. That he was mercenary there is no doubt. But his origins are cloudy. His life was probably not quite that which has been portrayed in traditional histories.
I look forward to the new “evidence” soon to be published, and I hope that these Portugese authors soon find an English translator given their reviews so far.

I doubt that we will get the whole truth, but we might get a little bit nearer to knowing who this mercenary adventurer actually was. Possibly a converso or with a converso mother; possibly an illegitimate royal; whose DNA possibly reflects a mallorquian heritage; and whose statue gazes across the harbour of Barcelona possibly trying to work out who he really was.

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