In Praise of…………….


Yes. Yes and Yes again.
I finally purchased one a month ago and now wonder what all my reticence was about.

Pros: –
It’s handy
It’s portable ie travel
It’s portable ie waiting rooms, hanging around in general
Free content available
Supports pdf.

Cons: –
Not enough “serious” ie history books, and non US publications available as yet. I presume this will change.
I would also like to see  my home page book listings by Author: Last name; first name,

Free and purchasable content (not confined to Amazon) can be easily found by searching Inkmesh
(thank you stbalbach) which has a conglomerate search over multiple sites.
Here is an example of free content, which can be easily uploaded as can pdfs.

I have yet to try the subscription content but as I am going away for three weeks in the new year I will probably give myself some free trials to the likes of Foreign Affairs or The Atlantic; (both have a free 14 day trial).
Unfortunately the Economist does’t yet figure on Amazon’s magazine list but presumably it’s only a matter of time.

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