The extraordinary persecution of Lula da Silva is only slowly being recognized in the world outside Brazil

Leading UK human rights barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC has taken Lula’s case to the UN Human Rights Commission.
There is ‘no evidence’ that Lula is corrupt.

The same utterly corrupt parties that brought about the downfall of another ex president , Dilma Rousseff have lobbied hard for his conviction and imprisonment,
as have a portion of the armed forces and of couse the nebulous ”news” organisation O’Globo whose TV arm presently reaches 99.5% of potential viewers, practically the entire Brazilian population.

The speed of Lula’s conviction, which the right desperately want in order to prevent him standing in the forth coming elections can only be political ase polls have Lula leading the field at the moment, and many South American leaders have decried Lula’s Condemnation as a blow to Brazilian Democracy.

Geoffrey Robertson said earlier this year that the ‘extraordinarily aggressive measures’ to put Lula in jail and stop him running for president were being used ‘by the judiciary, by the media, by the great sinews of wealth and power in Brazil’, and in january A group of 12 congressmen from the Democratic Party in the United States published a public letter in defense of former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in which they accuse Judge Sergio Moro of persecuting him through the issuance of “arbitrary” decisions.

Lula’s persecution represents a narrowing of Brazilian democracy with far-reaching consequences. For a growing number of Brazilians — both from the Left and from the Right — the political system lacks any legitimacy. A year ago the NYT commented on Brazil’s broken Political leadership.

At the centre of the present maelstrom is Brazil’s Judge Moro described as a crusader against corruption… or politics? and who is and no newcomer to controversy.

Let us return to 2006
Before he took office in 2002 the banks viewed the former trade unionist as a communist Beelzebub, now they praise him as a role model. His promotion to the darling of the financial markets is an irony of history: It was Lula of all people, the one-time bogey man of the International Monetary Fund, who paid back Brazil’s debts.

Brazil based journalist Glenn Greenwald talks about the ‘military coup’ in process which he expands upon in this twitter thread.

A link heavy post where those far better informed and more erudite than myself amply set out part of the ongoing chaos that is Brazil.

No tanks on my street….. yet.

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