Its not often I’m proud to be British.

But this week I am, as the people of Great Britain came out in their droves to tell the Orange haired shitgibbon to fuck off. Something the chicken shits of politicians on both sides of the atlantic won´t do. I watched on social media the handwringing of those who said a visiting dignitary should be awarded a certain amount of decorum.
This is a man who perpetually lies, advocates and is proud of groping, overseas an agency which locks up children …I could go on for a long time.
That this person then cliams a special relationship with the British and procedes to try and interfere in their own highly convuluted political manoeveres is beyond the pale.
The British sense of humour firmly told him to piss off.
And if that wasn´t enough here is The Scotsman, unprecedented in 193 years of daily publishing:
A denunciation of Donald Trump: The 45th US President is an appalling human being

This would all be doubly hilarious except that the facts keep being ignored by those who can do something about it.
A long article in the NYMag asks: Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler?
A plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion.
For those wanting more user onceuponatime over at metafilter has a huge curated site of evidence of malfeasance.
The Independent long read says Trump’s visit will help buoy the already boisterous British right.
It goes further than Twitter gaffes and rogue councillors, and further than Boris Johnson and Donald Trump’s mutual adoration, or Theresa May’s desperate deference to the president
Finally just to finish this post off the ever excellent Fintan O’Toole writing in the Irish Times points out that Trial runs for Fascism are in full flow.


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