So the Spanish will investigate the legal advisers to the Bush regime who advocated torture. Bravo.

A post I duplicated a week ago on Metafilter sparked an interesting discussion by some of the more lawyerish members who weasled away mainly in their arguments that the former Bush Administration officials and advisors would never be convicted by a foreign judge because the defendents would not leave the USA; and how any conviction would mean nothing in the homeland.
These arguments were not the meat of the post which was pointing out that if the US government would not hold its former advisors accountable then others would.
I really don’t think the Americans understand just how much their former administration was loathed and despised around the rest of the world. America Imperia has crumbled for the time being and the new incumbent, Mr. Obama has a lot of sympathy provided he can carry through his message of change.
Some signs are not so good:
Senate Republicans are now privately threatening to derail the confirmation of key Obama administration nominees for top legal positions by linking the votes to suppressing critical torture memos from the Bush era. Are we already reverting to politics as usual? The US model of democracy is flawed and here is proof.
One of the advisors behind Gonzalo Boye, the Chilean-born Spanish lawyer who last week filed the criminal complaint against the Bush officials was british law professor and certified Queen’s Counsel, Philippe Sands.
Whatever the legal outcome, the accused have probably had their professional careers terminated and stand the risk of arrest if they step foot in any nation signatory to the Internation Bill of Human Rights, some 164 at last count.

Every little bit counts. I wish the prosecution sucess in its attempts to bring to justice those who consider torture legal legal.

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