100 Days of Chaos or Welcome to “Politics the New Way”.

It’s an accepted practice to give an incoming administration 100 days “of grace” but where to begin with this clown show of a clusterfuck that is the new Brazilian government.
The consensus for what it is worth is that this was a protest election in that the majority vote was against PT and the left, rather than pro the Bolsonazi.
So where does it all stand after 100 days.
Hardly standing is one answer.
There are more military involved in this government than in the dictatorship.
Hang on we have been told that there was no dictatorship, History is being rewritten, in public and in the schools.
Spokesman, and leading the cult of personality is the revisionist, misogynistic, homophobic, racist president whose personal and family life is now shown to have extremely close ties to an alternative and powerful
form of government, especially in homebase Rio de Janeiro; and namely the Milicias who are not just a parallel power; they are the government.

Behind this clown show there is some serious deconstruction going on to appease the business backers.
Pesticides, some of extreme toxicity and previously banned are now legitimate.
The Amazon is now ripe for exploitation by agricultural and mining interests and violence and death is on the rise.
Again of course militias and private pistoleros are involved.
Gun ownership laws have been relaxed.

Many people more than suspect the assistance and appeasment of both American big business and government in this destruction.
Notably Bolsonaro and his justice Minister Sergio Moro made an unprecedented visit to CIA headquaters on his recent US trip, an event largely ignored the mainstream media.
Moro has stayed very quiet during these first three months not commenting on obvious corruption and human rights abuses
As usual it is Rio de Janeiro in the spotlight.
The army recently killed a (black) driver of a family car, which they mistakenly identified, by firing 80 round into it. The word fusilade has been banned from official reports.
The army investigates the army.
Not one government official either local or national commented.
5 days later the Bolsonazi announced the Military killed no-one, and that the military are part of the people, and the people do not kill each other
Governor Witzel has snipers firing into favelas but denies knowledge of how many have been killed, either by them or from gunfire from the close overhead helicopters.

Just so that we are 100% sure of what is going on the President’s son Eduardo Bolsonaro, Federal Police officer, Evangelist and Federal Deputy is now formally allied with Steve Bannon as the representative
in South America for his fascist group “The Movement”.

The fight back has begun and probably warrants a post of it’s own
However just a taster:
is definitely coming from the people ignored and prejudiced against by the ruling elitist white ruling class.

It is now more than a year after the assassination of Marielle Franco and her driver Alexander Gomes.

There are as yet there are no clear answers but inquiries are leading extremely close to the President’s family and associates.

Of course it’s all just coincidence.

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