Remember when East was West?

Mr Obama’s wooing of the Muslim world in Turkey recently together with Hilary Clinton’s visit to Indonesia; her first official visit as foreign secretary;¬† could well be the most high level overture from the West to the East since the last of the Moors were driven out of Granada in 1492;¬† the same year that Her Catholic Majesty Isabella¬† also expelled the Jews.

The Moors arrived in Spain in 710 and the nearly 800 year occupation of the Spanish Peninsular led to a civilization which was
arguably unmatched until modern times.

In the Islands the occupacion was shorter; the Moors arrived later with the Caliphate of Cordoba conquering Mallorca in 902 and then in 1229 Jaime I reconquered Mallorca with the help of the Catalans. Then all that was left were Moorish memories; and these memories linger on in place names, the olive terraces and the occasional stone monument.

There is as yet no history in the English language of the Moorish occupation of Mallorca.

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