Today has been the most insane day in Brazilian politics since yesterday.

Everybody knew that Brazil was not going into this optimally prepared.
Optimally prepared is not something Brazil really does.
Its more of a rolling chaos out of which, if we are lucky, some sort of cognitave occurance happens.

But this, this is pushing the envelope to more extremes.
Just as an aside the US dollar exchange BR$2.35 at the time of the Olympics is now BR$5.5
First our President is Mad, not barking like Trump, though he sometimes gets close, but still Mad, Bad and Dangerous.

The leader and therefore figurehead of some 212,000,000 people over half of which are not very well educated have been told that Covid-19 is but a sniffle – a gripezinha something that real men don’t get. No need to social distance, all a panic, now man up and get businesses back to work and go shopping.
The classic Economy before Lives propaganda.
Taking about the economy, General Braga Netto seen now by many to be the puppetmeister, bypassed Guedes the Minister of economy last week and produced his own “Marshall Plan”.

This seems to have been highly under-reported in the international press.
Braga Netto who was appointed Chief of Staff in February is defacto head of state according to many in the know.
He is a serving General, Chief of Staff of the Army and Brazil’s second highest officer.

The Bolsonazi then proceded to sack his health minister for publically disagreeing with him about the
need for social distancing.
Mandatta was far from perfect, no one in this shit show of an administration really gets close, but at least some
have an inkling of reality.

Not so much is known about Nelson Teich his sucessor except that he has medical qualifications, a degree in health administration and is also an entrepreneur, so we know which way this will go.
He also looks like a zombie. But at least he believes in social distancing across the board and not vertically. Phew!

So you may think that was all pretty disruptive but that the runaway car managed to career back onto the track.

Hold my fucking Caipirinha !

Lot of balls in the air; the biggest global health crisis the world has known, Economy collapsing, currency plunging,
health care unable to cope, and 75% of the population wondering where next weeks lunch is coming from.

The Captain, note captain this time not Corporal; anyway Captain fuckwit then decided to fire the head of his Federal Police, Brazils number one law enforcement agency over the advise of his minister of justice Sergio Moro – Mr Lava Jato, who then quit.

Why, what’s going on?
Firstly two of the Bolsonazi sons are under active investigation; all three are elected politicians.
Flavio is being investigated for corruption and a kick back scheme and is also, like the rest of this nefarious family, very close to Rio de Janeiro’s milicias.
Carlos who is more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic is being investigated for leading the “Cabinet of Hate” an extreme right wing group spreading fake news and outright lies on whatsapp groups and twitter and harrassing en masse journalists especially women who disagree with them and who point out the bullshit.
Eduardo, the third son has recently called for a reintroduction of A15.
As explained by award winning Film Maker Petra Costa:
AI-5, among other things, allowed the closure of Congress, censorship of the press, television, theater, music and cinema; political meetings were outlawed;
habeas corpus and constitutional guarantees were suspended and torture allowed.
By AI-5, you could be arrested without committing any crime, without the right to a lawyer, and you could be brutally tortured by Brilhante Ustra,
the president’s idol, who stuffed mice into women’s vaginas. The newspapers could not report, because they would be censored.
There would be no Congress, no opposition, no right to demonstrate and peaceful assembly of people.
You could only read books authorized by the government, listen to music and watch movies that the president wanted and read the news that he authorized.
You could be kidnapped by Bolsonaro’s militias, stuck in a basement, tortured with electric shocks and executed by government order.
And your family couldn’t do anything. That’s what we’re talking about.

Just as an extra, 12 other politicians close to the Bolsonazi and his despicable sons are also under investigation.

The Intercept revealed this morning that Flavio Bolsonaro was being investigated for financing & profiting from the illegal construction of buildings erected by Rio’s paramilitaries using public money

As often suspected this National crisis all comes back to Rio de Janeiro where the Captain lazed in the local assembleia doing very little for 20 years except gather a little bit here and a little bit there.
Then there are all those purely coincidental tieups re the murder of Marielle Franco and the Bolosnazi family and local milicias.
Carnaval with all it’s colorful excesses seems lives ago. The State is incapable of helping so the people turn to their own resources.
The Samba schools are sewing PPE, The favalas are self sanitizing.
Food banks and local associations are feeding as many as possible.
Meanwhile the Covid-19 deaths, let alone the internecine militia killings, are beginning to appear on the street.
The health services are collapsing.
The State Governors; most of them are going their own way and doing their best, even the appalling Mr Witzel here in Rio.
Unfortunately it will get grim before it gets better.
However Selminha is here, her daughters are at home and the scared cat is under the bed.
We will survive this storm. We have to.
Stay Safe.

Caetano Veloso

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