2020 Was the Year We Found Out That Our Societies are Largely Made of Remorseless, Malicious Idiots

Harvard business review blogger Umair Haque puts it in a nutshell.

I doubt that any one will not be glad to see the back of 2020, though many like myself are probably in trepidation of what yet might come in 2021.

In spite of so many people warning that we cannot return to the old normal, those who wield power seem as usual to be taking no notice.
America moves from far right to centre right but basic red raw capitalism will still be the driving power and then there is so much Trumpiam damage to be repaired.
Brazil keeps burning and destroying the lungs of the planet.
UK has spun off into its own little frenzy, probably to become insignificant; the result of a civil war withing the right wing of conservative thinking as George Monbiot so elequently pointed out previously.
Capitalism is the driver here and Capitalism kills.

Now throw in some Covid.
Yes please say the richest people on the planet.

Wealthy Brits are already trying to buy vaccine.
And with US businessmen alone increasing their wealth by $1 Trillion I am sure they too will be at the head of the queue.
Meanwhile in UK the Nurses have to pay to park in hospital car parks where they work, and rather than pay them a suitable recompense the government urges the public to clap them instead.
Covidiots roam the streets in UK, Brazil and USA. This is indeed a sick society and we pander to their ignorance and remorseless stupidity.
Meanwhile in Jakarta they Make Covidiots dig graves .
But in the end Plague is a profitable business.

And now….now we have  a
White House coup and Social media counter revolution
A dangerous unhinged voice is now silenced and banned from Twitter, facebook etc.
Hopefully this will also be applied to many of his enablelers and those others on the fringe of sanity.
It finally strikes home to priviliged and mainly white and insulated America just how much damage these unregulated platforms can do.

Minorities, black, brown, non Christian, or non binary were already well aware of this
This thoroughly opens another can of worms, and the larger question as put succintly by Zeynep Tufekci:
Besides the obvious: Thinking how friends in Sri Lanka had told me how they begged Twitter & Facebook to act on accounts
instigating ethnic cleansing but often couldn’t even get any response and what a coincidence everyone acts one day after Democrats get a legislative trifecta.

This is not just a USA problem it is a global problem.
Headed by the smarmy Zuckerburg with his enormous social media Empire of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.
But these are just brown people far away from Menlo Park so it doesn’t really matter it seems, as they took no action.
A Genocide Incited on Facebook, With Posts From Myanmar’s Military.
Facebook helped foment anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka.
WhatsApp and political instability in Brazil: targeted messages and political radicalisation.
Google owned YouTube hate probably everywhere.
Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube found recently hosting racist music.
The slime and lies in the UK Brexit leave campaign.
Etc. etc. but hey Capitalism is just fine. And as for the mass media, well Infotainment is a moneyspinner and now the BBC is now headed by a former banker and Brexiter who donated over 400K to the conservatives.
Where am I going with this you may well ask.
If you thow enough paint at the wall the dots start joining themselves up.
Whilest our overloads fight over who controls us minions Climate Change will probably make it all a moot point.
See: The function of apocalyptic myths

Happy New Year
I hope we all get through it.


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