Carnaval in the time of Plague.

The lights are out in the Sambodromo.

The temperature is ideal for playing in the street, which today are empty of music,
Empty of laughter,
Empty of revellers coming or going or just stopped and gathering strength to continue.
All are nowhere to be seen.
Street vendors offering masks, ribbons, hats, confetti, streamers; nowhere to be seen.
People in cosume or half costume, on the bus, on the metro, on the street – nowhere to be seen.
Infants in costume, young and old in full costume or part and full or semi clothed – nowhere to be seen.

Its as if the city has lost its soul.

A sad, sad time to be in Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa where Carnival is an essence, a lifestyle and for so many the most important event in the Calendar.
Not bound by family, friends or convention. Just do it, whatever floats your boat.
The fleet has not been launched this year.
Just another weekend.
Just another weekend at home.
Just another weekend looking out of the window at the view that is no longer there.

Selminha and her Coral got inventive,
and blessed by Dona Onete put together Banzeiro

Te mete
Te joga
E vem, vem, vem, vem, vem, vem, vem com a gente
Tomar banho de chuva
Tomar banho de cheiro
Depois se jogar no banzeiro.

Yes there will be live streaming virtual events by some blocos and the Samba schools but emptiness will be the only echo.

I’m Sad.




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