Election season has now kicked off.

The incumbent Bolsonazi is down but not out and there is possibly a much more sinister force at play.

I am no expert just a very cynical outside observer. Bolsonaro was quite likely the trojan horse for a right wing branch of a right wing organization.

The military are long term planners.
They are in for the long haul and if they can pull strings from behind the curtain so much the better. After all they do have history. Except now these string pullers are out in the open. By 2020 there were over 6,000 members of the military appointed to civilian roles in the national public administration, a 108% increase compared to 2016.
In the past four years institutions have been gutted and their potential reversed.
The Bolsonazi is openly propagating, á la Trump, with zero proof, that Brazil’s electronic voting system is compromised. For this he has been duely reprimanded by just about everybody from the Brazilian Supreme court to the US government. It doesn’t matter. Throw enough shit at the wall and some of it will stick.
The violence, always present is out in the open.
Only a few weeks back a PT administrator was very publically assassinated at his own Birthday Party celebrating Lula, by a rabid Bolsonazi supporter.

Two days ago the governor of RJ oversaw an paramilitary operation in Alemão, one of the city’s largest favelas, which left at least 18 dead.
Last month there was the government obfuscation of the murders of Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips.

Legislation affecting the abilty to buy arms has beeen relaxed and sales are up 140%

My hypothesis is that destabilization is a policy.
There are no large demonstrations as yet; but I sense that these will come from the far right as and when the  so called ”mito” is defeated by due democratic process.
When this happens the Armed Forces, already in position within the workings of the bureaucracy will then bravely step up ”To Save the Country” and Voilà …Fait Accompli.
It’s what they have always wanted and they will not step down easily.
The Bolsonazi, an embarassment to just about everybody apart from his core base, his usefulness over, will be removed from the stage.
The righteous purges will begin.

I always say follow the money. The Brazilian trail is not transparent and is not well reported by local journalists, themselves hindered by the selfserving monopolies of mass media. So once again it will be up the independents to shine the light.
What is known is that the Evangelicals and Right Wing crazed Catholics  have endless funding. Between them the ‘True Believers‘ are a powerful and perverted force. Also the country is not short of Billionaires especially from the Agricultural sector; The Bala, Boi and Biblia Brigade  (Bullet, Beef and Bible)


The vocal hard right wants a two state society of Have’s and Have Nots. Predominately white male and privileged; A society of modern slavery with beer, beach and football to keep the masses happy. Memories of Operation Condor seem still to be alive and well in a certain sector of society.

Meanwhile the sun is shining and I think I will wander off to Plaça Choro in the Peoples Republic of Laranjeiras to listen to Pixin Bodega.  Something I have not done since pre-plague.



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