Change; What Change?

I feel the “free” world is at a critical turning point.
Is the centerist Obama administration really Right -Lite?  and will all the promises and all the dreams end like a damp squid?
Is it really politics as usual with the rich being bailed out by the poor; and the poor – who cares?

With the release of the four internal memorandums that supplied the legal basis for the program of torture and aggressive interrogation there was / is a chance for the Empire leader to show that the rule of law will be held to.

As Glenn Greenwald from Salon points out: Obama’s had a huge test : do we believe in secret law?
and in his update he believes Obama blew it.
Needless to say, I vehemently disagree with anyone — including Obama — who believes that prosecutions are unwarranted.
This has now moved into very deep politics. The decision of whether to prosecute is not Obama’s to make; ultimately, it is Holder’s and/or a Special Prosector’s.  More importantly, Obama can only do so much by himself.  The Obama administration should, on its own, initiate criminal proceedings, but the citizenry also has responsibilities here.
However Attorney General  Holder Dodged Key Legal Issues During Speech at West Point.
The ICRC has laid open the case for an investigation.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic: –

Spain’s Attorney General Opposes Prosecutions of 6 Bush Officials on Allowing Torture.
The criminal case against the Bush Six remains pending with the Audencia Nacional and before Judge Garzon, and the Spanish attorney general’s decision not to adopt the case makes it far more likely that Garzon himself will retain control of the case. In the Spanish criminal-justice system, the decision as to whether a criminal prosecution will go forward rests with the judge—not with the prosecutors or the attorney general.

The only hope is that Obama, ( accomplished politician that he is) is playing a long game.
He still has high poll ratings and does not want more confrontation with right.
Maybe he is hoping for a ground swell of public opinion to “force” him to do more.

So its back to Garzon, and if he decides on an investigation this may also give Obama an excuse to investigate publically and further.

If no light is forthcoming it’s back to the barricades.

Meanwhile the sun is shining, the weekend is almost here etc etc.

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